Coconut Pre Cutter

This Machine has been developed for slicing ball coconut in to 8-10 pieces. Slicing (Cutting) will be done after deshelling OR Testa removal operation. Using this machine slicing has been simplified by dropping a ball coconut in to the machine. After dropping ball coconut in to the machine, Sliced Coconut pieces and coconut water will collected in separate trays. These pieces further can be used as input for Pulverizer, Frozen coconut pieces etc. This machine is useful for Dc units, Virgin Coconut Oil unit, Hotels, Temples, Bakery and other coconut processing industries.

1HP to 3HP
Productivity: 500 To 2000 Nuts / Hour


  • Free From Maintenance​​ ​​
  • Less Man power​​ ​​
  • Economical ​​
  • Easy To Operate​​​ ​​
  • Removes the husk of any size coconut​​​ ​​
  • High Productivity ​​
  • ​​