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Our Coconut Machine Products

We offer wide range of Coconut Processing Machines for domestic and Export purpose. These Machines can be used in Coconut processing Industries, Co-operative Societies, Virgin Coconut Oil Units, Hotels and Temples Etc.,

Coconut Dehusking Machine

We offer wide range of the Coconut Dehusking Machines.

Coconut Desheller Machine

Coconut Desheller Machines for Coconut Processing Industries.

Coconut Testa Removing Machine

This machine has been developed to remove testa from the coconut Kernel.

Coconut Pre Cutter

This Machine has been developed for slicing ball coconut in to 8-10 pieces

Coconut Pulverizing Machine

Grating / Pulverizing coconut in to small particles.

Coconut Milk Extractor

Coconut Milk Expeller extracts milk from Coconut Kernel.

VCO & Neer Cooker – Sautiner

This equipment is designed for processing Virgin Coconut oil.

Tender Coconut Trimming

This equipment converts the young coconut into diamond shape.

Coconut Slicer - Chips

Coconut processing machines, we also manufacture Coconut slicer (Chips).