Single Pass Honing Machine

Single pass honing is a good way to produce parts economically when the bore is small or has thin-walled members that need to be honed. A new single pass honing system from Pro B, eliminates the drawbacks of honing by independently driving each tool by a servo motor and using the diameter range from 6 mm to 25 mm.

SpecificationsPro Hone SVHM 5 Pro Hone SVHM 6  
Honing Dia 2mm to 25mm2mm to 25mm
Honing Length10mm to 100mm10mm to 100mm
Number of Spindle 36
Stroke Length200mm200mm
Spindle MotorServo 3.3 kwservo 7 kw
Spindle Speed50 to 100 Rpm50 to 100 Rpm
Stroking TypeServo 3.3 kwservo 7kw
Stroking Speed5m/min max5m/min max
Power Connected10 kw15kw
Floor Area1500L*1300W*2500Hmm(Approx)2300L*2500W*2500H mm (Approx)