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Pro Hone SVHM 4

Pro Hone SVHM 4 is a Single Spindle Servo Vertical Plateau Honing Machine, designed to meet the requirements of high quality for components of bore dia 120 mm to 200 mm. The machine configuration includes Servo Stroking with short stroking facility for blind bore honing, Double expansion system includes Servo expansion for Rough & Base Honing , Servo expansion for Plateau Honing & Servo indexing table for automatic Bore indexing.
Technical Specifications
Honing Dia 120 mm To 200 mm
Honing Length 50 to 400 mm
Number of Spindle One
Stroke Length 0 – 600 mm
Spindle Motor Servo 7.5 Kw
Spindle Speed 40 – 250 RPM
Stroking Type Servo 7.5 Kw
Stroking Speed 0 to 15 m/min
Total Power Connected 20 Kw
Floor Area 3500L x 2000W x 3500H mm (Appx)
Spindle Motor  : Servo Motor Variable spindle speed
Stroking Motor : Servo Motor Variable stroking speed
Rough or Base  Honing Servo  Push Type Expansion
Finish or Plateau Honing Servo  Push Type Expansion
Air Sizing Optional
Short stroking facility Available
Component Top Clamping Unit Hydraulic Clamping
Linear Indexing Table Servo Motor (+/- 350mm)
ControllerPLC / CNC

Components that can be honed

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