Horizontal Tube Honing Machine

Pro B’s versatile tube honing systems are designed for a wide range of industries and processes. Easy to use, Pro B’s Horizontal tube honing machine is reliable and affordable. These versatile systems boast features such as: a unique tool expansion and feed system that maintains close size and finish specifications; touch screens for easy programming; CNC or PLC controlled stroke position, motion, stone feed and cutting; automatic bore geometry correction; and servo rack or chain drive. Whatever your application – from aircraft components to cylinder liners to very large hydraulic sleeves – Pro B has a high performance tube honing system for you.

SpecificationsPro Hone SHHM2Pro Hone SHHM3Pro Hone SHHM4 
Honing Dia25mm to 200mm25mm to 200mm100mm to 200mm
Honing Length50mm to 3000mm100mm to 6200 mm50mm to 10000 mm
Number Of Spindleoneoneone
Stroke Length3500mm7000 mm 10500 mm
Spindle Motorservo 7 kwservo 7 Kwservo 7 kw
Spindle Speed40 to 300 Rpm40 to 300 Rpm 40 to 300R pm
Stroking Typeservo 7 Kwservo 7 kwservo 7 Kw
Stroking Speed15 m/min max15 m/min max15 m/min max
Power Connected20 kw20 kw20kw
Floor Area9000*1000w*2000H15000L*1000w*2000H23000l*1000w*2000H