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Pro Hone SHHM

Horizontal honing machines are designed for speed, precision, and convenience. These machines allow for quick changeovers and excellent control. Pro B’s horizontal honing machines assurance the precision work that helps you maintain the highest quality in your products.
Technical Specifications
Honing Dia 6 mm To 40 mm
Honing Length 120 mm MAX
Number of Spindle One
Stroke Length 200 mm
Spindle Motor Servo 1.2 Kw
Spindle Speed 240 – 3400 RPM
Stroking Type Servo 1.2 Kw
Stroking Speed 0 to 20 m/min
Total Power Connected 7Kw
Floor Area 1500L x 1500W x 1300H mm (Appx)
Spindle Motor  : Servo MotorVariable spindle speed
Stroking Motor : Servo MotorVariable stroking speed
Rough or Finish HoningServo  Push Type Expansion
Short stroking facilityAvailable
Controller : PLC / CNC

Components that can be honed

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