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What is the honing process Operation and Performance?

What is the honing process Operation and Performance?

What is Honing Process operation and performance?

Honing is a mechanism that uses abrading tools for the smoothening of inner cylindrical surface finishes, correction of diameter, shape, surface structuring, bore size control, etc. It makes use of hard tooling and abrasive stones for the entire process.

What does the process entail?

The entire finishing process is accomplished with the help of abrasive stones. The respective stones, of the necessary grade and grit, are expanded against the subject work surface. The stones target the part where honing is required and then rotate and reciprocate against it. This rotating and reciprocating technique brings about a crosshatch pattern on the surface that is being honed. The entire process is conducted under a controlled pressure until the final sizing is exacted.

Various operations performed by the honing machine

  1. Stock removal: Extracts ruptured metal to reach the base metal
  2. Generation of a finished pattern: Helps give the best possible surface that in turn leaves you with an optimum lubricating condition
  3. Assure accuracy: This is in terms of the desired size, shape, roundness, straightness etc of the concerned cylindrical surface.

Honing Machines

The broad category of honing machines can be summed under a few heads:

  • Stroke honing machine: Can be manually operated or even fully automated as per requirement and can hone machine bores with diameters ranging from 6mm to above and bore length up to 10000mm.
  • Single-pass honing machine: Can be arranged with single or multiple spindles and can cater to high volume production demands
  • Vertical honing machine: Uses an upright spindle drive mechanism
  • Horizontal honing machine: Designed to perform quick changeovers and great control

This is Honing Process operation and performance. Some of the best honing machines in Bangalore can be procured at Pro B Products with our wide range of choices for you to choose as per your needs.

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