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What is Honing Process? Function Of Honing Process

What is Honing Process? Function Of Honing Process

Honing is essentially a mechanical finishing process that is applied to achieve a finished or precision surface on a metallic body. The method used here is scrubbing of a scratchy piece of rock on the intended surface along a restrained area so as to smoothen the texture of the part or make amends to its geometric form.

Honing Machine Process

What are the functions of Honing process?

  • Honing process helps in achieving a function surface finish for bores
  • It plays an important role in not only achieving the desired accuracy in terms of dimensions and geometric calculations. It also helps in getting the intended roughness/smoothness of the surface as per the need.
  • Once the topographic details are assigned to the surface, the process can either turn it into a smooth one or a rough one with specified oil pockets.
  • Honing process has an especially important tribological significance/ function. The surface engines, liners, crankshaft that are made of cast iron, iron or aluminium alloys with various microstructures.

Hence you see, honing machinery not only come in extremely handy but are in facts indispensable in a lot of industries and need to be kept at hand at all times. It is thus important to ensure the machinery you use is cost-effective, easy to operate, compact, has low maintenance and is of reliable quality in addition to being easy to operate and has good after-sales services. At Pro B Products provide all these and more. Our range of machinery is of international quality and safety standards and can be the answer to all your honing concerns.

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