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What is a Single Pass Honing Tool?

What is a Single Pass Honing Tool?

What is a Honing Tool & Single Pass Honing Tool?

Honing refers to a process of scrubbing abrasively against the subject metal workpiece with stone along a controlled path. The entire process helps give the structure a precision interior surface, especially of a bore or a cylinder. The aim is to bring forth a finished surface of the desired diameter and geometric cylindricality.

What is a Single Pass Honing Machine?

The honing tool that is used in single-pass honing is a diamond abrasive, boring bar resembling honing tool. As the term suggests, Single Pass or just one pass of the machine through the subject area produces a straight, un-tapered bore with a perfectly rounded surface.  Moreover, unlike regular bores that bear a cross-hatch pattern as a result of continuous grinding, the single-pass method leaves no such pattern on the finished surface.

How it works

The working of a single pass honing machine is similar to standard tooling in a way. The cone used in this machine resembles standard tooling and it helps expand the hone stones using its adjustable single pass tool. It generally produces a final size section that measures less than 2.5 inches.

How is it different

Single Pass Honing Machinery is also quite unique when compared to regular honing tools, that is, in this method the stones are only expanded, as against, being expanded and retracted. Besides, in this case, the honing tool is long and extremely abrasive throughout its length. If you are required to adjust the tool, the machine needs to be stopped as it has no in-process hone expansion like its other counterparts.


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