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Vertical honing machine introduction and Specification.

Vertical honing machine introduction and Specification.

Vertical honing machine introduction and specification

Honing essentially refers to a process that is used in finishing the insides of a cylinder with an abrasive motion with the help of a number of flat stones specifically arranged as against a typical grinding wheel. Vertical honing machines allows for better roundness with a lower outflow of coolant and smoother diameter measurement honed.

The best Vertical honing machines are special kinds of honing machines that, with their individual specifications help in the boring of a wide range of applications- from small to very large ones. An additional helpful feature it boasts is the minimum floor space that it takes up, yet allowing for the same levels of bore applications, with the help of an erect spindle drive mechanism. Vertical honing machines come in different kinds of lengths and also diameters as per the requirements of the customers as to what they need it for.

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Machine Specifications

The technical specifications of a vertical honing machine vary from model to model with a few heads to refer to:

  • Honing length and diameter
  • Spindle column distance
  • Vertical movement head motor
  • Coolant pump motor
  • Hydraulic locking motor
  • Machine height
  • Encumbrance
  • Number of spindles
  • Spindle motor and speed
  • Stroking Length, Type and speed
  • Floor area occupied
  • Power

Some of the best vertical honing machines give you excellent output in terms of better roundness than its horizontal counterpart along with smoother finishes. At Pro B Products we help your vertical honing easier, faster, productive, precise and of course, profitable. We help you meet your specifications by producing the perfect surface finish, size, tolerance & geometry. So use our wide range of products including vertical honing heads and unpreserved tooling, which will best suit your vertical honing applications.

Vertical honing machine introduction and specification

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