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Difference between horizontal and vertical honing machine

Difference between horizontal and vertical honing machine

Difference between horizontal and vertical honing machine

Honing refers to a specific sort of operation that involves a rotating abrasive tool which in turn helps in removing metal from the inner surface of a cylinder or a bore. The objective here is to give the surface a smooth or desired finish and also to bring it to a particular diameter and geometric structure.

There are two broad categories of honing machines, namely Vertical honing machine and Horizontal honing machine.

Vertical honing machines

The key feature of the vertical honing machinery is their upright or erect spindle drive mechanism which help in the honing of both small to very large bore applications. Using this particular mechanism gives a rather precise crosshatch pattern on the surface that has been worked upon. They are used in a variety of industries.

Horizontal honing machines

Horizontal honing machinery helps in those applications that involve the processing of long tubes, cylinders etc, to an extremely high level of accuracy along with the desired surface finish. The usage varies from vertical honing machines, to ring gauges, sintered products, fuel injection parts and much more.

Some differences between vertical and horizontal honing machinery

Vertical honing machinery is mostly used to obtain high-quality results on relatively smaller surfaces while their horizontal counterpart is geared more towards speed and convenience such as effective controls etc.

The vertical honing machines are designed to occupy lesser floor space as compared to the horizontal ones.

The horizontal honing machine usually has a honing diameter of range 6mm to 1000mm & honing length of 50mm to 10000mm while the vertical range from 6mm-120mm on the lower end and 40mm to 200 mm on the higher end & honing length of up to 1500 mm, depending in the model.

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