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Top Coconut Processing Machines That Pro B Products Is Selling

Top Coconut Processing Machines That Pro B Products Is Selling

Coconut is a highly versatile fruit. The market for coconut products is expanding in leaps and bounds worldwide. According to the latest statistics the demand for virgin coconut products is likely to grow by 9.8% annually between 2016 and 2024. In such a scenario coconut processing plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing of various types of coconut products such as coconut oil, coconut milk, desiccated coconut powder, coconut water etc.

All these coconut products and more are high in demand in the global coconut market. Processing of coconut calls for the need of using specialized tools & equipment to yield high in demand coconut products… Pro B Products is a Bengaluru based engineering company which offers a wide range of machines which can help in meeting the high demand for various coconut products.

Following are the coconut processing machines that Pro B Products is selling:

1) Coconut Dehusking Machine:

This is easy-to-use machine that separates the husk from the raw coconut.

2) Coconut DeShelling Machine:

This machine removes hard coconut shell from dehusked coconuts.

3) Coconut Testa Removing Machine:

This Machine removes testa from deshelled coconuts.

4) Coconut Grating machine / Disintegrator:

This Machine has been developed for Grating / disintegrating coconut into small particles.

5) Coconut Milk Extractor:

The Coconut Milk Expeller extracts milk from Coconut Kernel.

6) Virgin Coconut Oil Extractor:

This equipment is designed for processing Virgin Coconut oil

7) Coconut Slicer:

Using this machine various thickness Chips (Slice) can be manufactured. These chips are used as ready to eat a snack.

8) Hot Air Dryer:

Hot air dryer is used for drying of Coconut by Dehydration method.

9) Tender Coconut Trimming Machine:

This equipment converts the young coconut into a diamond shape. After reducing size & shape, Tender coconut will be ready to serve as a soft drink bottle.

10) Coconut Sap Sautiner:

This equipment designed for processing of Coconut Sugar & Squash. 

Each of above mentioned Pro B Products Coconut Processing machines are designed to make it easy for manufacturers of coconut products to process coconut precisely, speedily and conveniently. To know more about coconut processing machines sold by Pro B Products, you may visit Pro B Products their official website.

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