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Machine Safety with Hands Off Operation

Machine Safety with Hands Off Operation

Machine Safety with Hands Off Operation

Regulations about the safety of workers are becoming stricter in India. Industries must comply with The Factories Act to ensure safety. Further, with globalization and the need to ensure compliance with ISO and OSHA standards, there is a trend for factories to adopt better safety practices. In this context, manual processes need a lot of care on the part of workers and management in order to avoid injuries.

Due to work pressure and worker negligence or the process itself, the workers are more exposed to the risk of injuries that can result in loss of limbs or even lives. Automation is the key to better safety in that workers do not need to use their hands all the time to feed materials to the machine as happens in the coconut processing industry where PRO B Machineries Bangalore leads the way in automation.

Coconut processing

The age-old manual process for coconuts is as follows:

  • Remove outer husk
  • Break the shell
  • Extract the coconut meat by mechanical scraping
  • Crush the meat for further process to make oil or coconut milk

Compensation is high and legal action can be strict when workers sustain injuries during the work process.Factory owners involved in coconut processing can incur heavy costs if this happens because of the use of manual process machinery in which workers have to handle coconuts and feed it to machines.Thus they have to follow Machine Safety with Hands Off Operation or the workers are exposed to injuries.

Automation is the key to safety

Pro B Machineries Bangalore offered by Probproducts has automated the entire line of coconut processing machinery. Workers do not need to use their hands to handle coconut except for feeding material to the machine and collecting the products. Pro B Automation does away with that risk factor where hands are close to cutting and other parts of the machine that can cut or injure hands. Industries that use automation ensure better safety and stay compliant with safety standards and regulations. In addition, faster production and reduced labour costs translate to higher profits.

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